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Full program description

  • 17 self-paced courses that can be taken individually
  • Courses can be mixed/matched as needed
  • Anytime, anywhere access with 100% online content
  • Monthly enrollment throughout the year

Develop knowledge to detect, deter and respond to counterfeiting effectively. Designed from direct experience and feedback from top brand protection professionals, the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection's professional certificate provides the core concepts needed to become a brand protection professional who is better prepared to face the legal, business, strategic and security challenges of this industry.

Courses Align With Key Topics

 Product Counterfeiting Overview 

 Enforcement Activities Against Counterfeiters 

 Supply Chain Management for Brand Protection
Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies 

 Communication and Education for Brand Protection 

 Risk Management for Brand Protection

Who Should Enroll?
  • Emerging professionals seeking to learn brand protection concepts to apply within their organization
  • Experienced brand protection professionals seeking to become more efficient, proactive, and strategic in brand protection
  • Professionals from other backgrounds wanting to break into the field of brand protection